About Digital Media-Digital Media WorldWide, Inc

About Digital Media

We offer Web Design, Web Hosting, Web Marketing, Domain Name Registration, Multimedia, Logos, Banners, E-Commerce, Email Spam Control, and Database Technology. 

Our policy has always been to keep the Internet affordable for small businesses.  We make your business entrance, onto the World Wide Web, enjoyable, pleasant and cost effective. We are always there to advise and consult you in your decisions of which materials to best use to project your desired image.

We take pride in our unique personal customer service, where we know our clients by name, you are never a number with us

Whether you need World Wide Exposure or Neighborhood Networking, we will custom design your Internet presence to best suit your business needs.

And the Best Part is the affordable price.

At Digital Media WorldWide Inc. we make your Business Entrance onto the World Wide Web an Enjoyable, Pleasant Experience.
     1.  Whether you are a Professional with unique services to offer.
     2.  A Physician who desires better communication with patients.
     3.  A Manufacturer or Retail Business wanting to expand horizons.
     4.  A New Business establishing relations and seeking recognition  
We take you by the hand and lead you through the process of creating just the right image on the Internet. We are always there to advise and consult you in your decisions of which materials to best use to project that image.

From the moment you enroll in our Program your journey begins.

First we will Register, Obtain, and Activate your unique domain name "www.yourbusinessname.com".  Once we register your choice, you will receive notice.

We email you our helpful Website Content documents that outline "step-by-step" what we need from you to build your custom web site.  These useful documents help you to organize your thoughts and gather your materials in an efficient manner.  We do the Rest!

Once we receive your materials, we will consult with you by phone to verify your information, and to better understand your vision for your web site. We make sure that we understand exactly what you want.

You will be notified by email with an Internet address to go and review the draft version of your website.

We make the necessary changes and corrections that you specify.

Your next view of your Web site is the "Final Approval". This time you will make your Final corrections and revisions.

The Exciting moment has arrived when your Web Site will be posted to the Internet for everyone to see. After signing your "Final Approval" your site will be listed in all major search engines. You, your clients, your staff, and the whole world can now access your web site by going to "www.yourbusinessname.com"

**The above process usually takes from 2 to 4 weeks from beginning to end.**

All of us here at Digital Media WorldWide, Inc. are with you through the entire time, from beginning to end, and share your joy and excitement when your final project is on the World Wide Web.