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Professional Web Designers, Programmers and Consultants are Available at Digital Media Worldwide!  We Offer Small Business Solutions for Big Internet Business.
Digital Media offers many options for businesses planning their entrance onto the World Wide Web.  We have a package that will fit your needs and your budget.  We work closely with you to give you superior service for the best price.  Whether you are seeking a one page website, or a fully functional interactive e-commerce site with your unique Domain Name, we have the solutions. Our Design Department can create just the image you are needing.   

Domain Name Research and Registration

Business Website Hosting:
In keeping with our policy of making the Internet affordable for small businesses, we offer discounted hosting rates for all Digital Media Valued Clients. 12 months Hosting includes ample MB Data Storage & Mb Data Transfer per month, email addresses @ your domain name, web-based E-mail, statistics software to read the data on the traffic to your website, auto-responders, user id and password to access your control panel and website files.  Includes One Year Premiere Link in Digital Media WorldWide Business Directory ($125 value) FREE.

Shopping Cart Technology
A shopping cart allows you to display photos and descriptions of your merchandise by category (Shoes, Ties, Hats, etc.). The shopper picks a category, browses through the items, selects them and puts them in his cart. When done shopping he checks out and the order is sent to you. You may have optional "Real Time" electronic credit card processing on the internet through a third party for additional charges.
Online Payments
In order to accept payment online, you may need a Merchant Account and if you want real time online transactions, then you also must have a gateway company that processes and authorizes your sales.
Secure Digital Certificate
You website shopping cart must be secured by a Digital Certificate.  Visitors look for the gold lock in the lower right corner of the page to assure them they are doing business with a trustworthy company.  

Web Database Technology
Put your website to work for you.  Having a website that serves a function in your business is the ultimate use of the Internet.  Your website is like an employee working 24/7.  Make the most use of that service. Listed is a websites that uses a database to help them serve their clientele. Consolidated Instruments repairs and sells parts for aircraft

Maintenance Contracts are available for revisions and updates to your website.

Search Engine Options:          
Basic Search Engine Package with quarterly submissions to major search engines.  
Premium Search Engine Package/ submitted every month includes: Guaranteed Submission to major engines in 10 days. Site is Re-submitted every month for 12 months, Professional META TAG review.
Custom  and Premiere Custom Search Engine Optimization and Ranking. A technician/optimizer works on getting your website ranked high in specific Search Engines with specific keywords. Request A Quote.